Hello, Quipperian! Want to get a job in developed countries like Japan, Singapore, US,?immediately after you graduate? Then, Kirirom Institute of Technology will be your right choice. KIT was established since 2014, founded by a successful Japanese visionary and entrepreneur, Mr.Takeshi Izuka. KIT offers full-scholarship to Cambodian students. This includes not just tuition fee, but also all of the living costs required in a 4-year academic course. There will be a different scheme that awaits international students. This is the Cashback Program. International students will have to shoulder all their expenses while studying. Successful graduates will get back the amount they spent for tuition and living costs based on their performance in KIT. Competitive students are welcome to apply and also get a chance for sponsorship.

In today’s world, we are facing industrial revolution 4.0. There is a large gap between the skill sets that the industry requires and the skill sets fresh graduates have. KIT bridges this gap by its unique, creative and innovative system through project based learning and introducing latest cutting edge technologies to the students, Through the unique internship projects, soft skills such as leadership, communication, project management and team building skills will be developed among the students. These skills are necessary to be competitive worldwide.


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